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Colour up your mood set: RED -> for power and passion

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Colours can awaken energy. They influence our feelings, thoughts and moods. Colour is a source of power. Sometimes we get out of balance:

Red - colour of power and passion

The signal colour red promises passion, energy and warmth. Too much can cause aggression, because red is an activating, powerful colour.

Find your balance again. Colour up your mood.

The set includes:
-> Image data for a poster to support your well-being in red (1x PDF, 1x RGB_JPG, 1x CMYK-JPG)
-> 1 booklet as PDF with in-depth information about the colour red and a meditation suggestion
-> 1 read me first

If you think you need more happiness in your life, feel free to check out details on the colour yellow

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You will get a printable poster in JPG and PDF format and a small e-book.

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Colour up your mood set: RED -> for power and passion

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